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Welcome to the Renovation Realm. Here we discuss Renovation Lending strategy and production and how it benefits Mortgage companies, Real Estate Professionals, and Consumers!


Selling homes using VR

Real Estate Professionals – An opportunity to get ahead of the curve

Don't let technology get ahead of your home sales. Use Virtual Room Design to cure any room deficiency and combine with a renovation loan to sell homes fast!

Welcome to Renovation Realm

Welcome to my new post. I have been contemplating this step for some time. Some recent events and opportunities have come up and I think the time may be right now, to share my thoughts and ideas. My name is... Continue Reading →

How virtual reality can help Realtors and Agents sell more homes

Statistics provided in the profession have shown that over 85% of new home buyers plan on doing some type of renovation work their home within the first 24 months after purchase of at least $10,000 or more.

Details on the virtual reality experience and where to get the designs

When combined with a renovation loan, Virtual Reality design rooms, presented on-site, can help sell homes faster and more efficiently. Step into the new (virtual) reality of real estate sales to increase sales production.

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